fit1 [fit]
fitted or fit, fitting [ME fitten < ? or akin ? to ON fitja, to knit, tie ends of thread, akin to OHG fizza, skein of thread, ult. < IE * pedyo-, fetter, lit., of the foot < base * ped-, FOOT]
1. to be suitable or adapted to; be in accord with [let the punishment fit the crime]
2. to be the proper size, shape, etc. for
a) to make or alter so as to fit
b) to measure (a person) for something that must be fitted [fit him for a brace]
4. to make suitable or qualified [his training fits him for the job]
a) to insert, as into a receptacle [to fit a key in a lock]
b) to make a place for: with in or into [to fit another passenger into the crowded car]
6. to equip; outfit: often with out
1. Archaic to be suitable or proper
2. to be suitably adapted; be in accord or harmony: often with in or into
3. to have the proper size or shape for a particular figure, space, etc. [his coat fits well; this won't fit into the box]
fitter, fittest [ME fyt]
1. adapted, adjusted, qualified, or suited to some purpose, function, situation, etc. [food fit to eat]
2. proper; right; appropriate
3. in good physical condition; healthy
4. Informal disturbed enough; inclined [she was fit to scream]
[prob. < the v.]
1. the condition of fitting or being fitted
2. the manner or degree of fitting or of fitting together [a good fit, a tight fit]
3. anything that fits
☆ fit to be tied
Informal frustrated and angry
fit to kill Informal
1. excessively; immoderately
2. strikingly or showily [dressed fit to kill]
SYN.- FIT1, the broadest term here, means having the qualities or qualifications to meet some condition, circumstance, purpose, or demand [fit for a king ]; SUITABLE is applied to that which accords with the requirements or needs of the occasion or circumstances [shoes suitable for hiking ]; PROPER implies reference to that which naturally or rightfully belongs to something or suggests a fitness or suitability dictated by good judgment [proper respect for one's elders ]; that is APPROPRIATE which is especially or distinctively fit or suitable; FITTING is applied to that which accords harmoniously with the character, spirit, or tone of something; APT1, in this connection, is used of that which is exactly suited to the purpose [an apt phrase ]
☆ fit2 [fit]
[ME < OE (rare) fitt, conflict]
1. any sudden, uncontrollable attack; paroxysm [a fit of coughing]
a) a sharp, brief display of feeling [a fit of anger]
b) a transient mood [a fit of the blues]
3. a temporary burst of activity
4. Med. a seizure in which the victim loses consciousness, has convulsions, etc.
by fits and starts or by fits
in an irregular way; in bursts of activity followed by periods of inactivity
have a fit
Informal to become very angry or upset: also ☆ throw a fit
fit3 [fit]
[ME fitte < OE fitt, akin to OS (Latinized) pl. vitteas, sections of a poem (the Heliand), OHG fizza: see FIT1]
Obs. a section of a poem, ballad, or song

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